Automatic Pet Food Dispenser
Automatic Pet Food Dispenser
Automatic Pet Food Dispenser
Automatic Pet Food Dispenser
Automatic Pet Food Dispenser


Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

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Automatic pet feeder for small and medium dogs. Perfect for when traveling. Includes Built-in-Voice recorder and speaker. 

  • Time and Amount Programmable: you can feed your pet 4 meals at scheduled times, and every meal have 1-39 portion control, which can help the pet develop a good eating habit
  • Infrared Induction: this automatic pet feeder with an infrared sensor senses when the bowl fills to a certain amount and the machine automatically stops, preventing food from overflowing
  • Voice Recorder: this feeder will allow you to record your voice 10 seconds where you can record yourself calling your pet to come and enjoy their mealtime
  • Power Supply: you can either use the power adapter that comes with the feeder or batteries (not included) in order to deliver power to your automatic pet feeder
  • Keeping Food Fresh: the head part where you put the food has good leak proofness and keeps the food fresh; the feeder will deliver fresh food at every meal for your pet, so you will not have to worry about them eating any old or stale food. Note: We suggest to put batteries inside as well when you are away to avoid anything unexpected to happen due to electricity shortage.


  1. Feeding mode: remote, automatic, manual, timed feeding
  2. Sensor: 1/3 AR0130
  3. Machine lens: 2.1MM lens( For Camera Style Feeder )
  4. Angle: 110 degrees
  5. Video format: PAL/NTSC ( For Camera Style Feeder )
  6. Recording mode: automatic
  7. Memory card: 8G-64G can be expanded to 64G
  8. Machine recording: 10 seconds of recording
  9. Voice intercom: support
  10. Audio compression: G.711A
  11. Machine material: ABS resin material
  12. Machine capacity: 4.5 liters 1
  13. Wireless network: WIFI 802.11B/G/H( For Camera Style Feeder )
  14. Infrared distance: no infrared night vision
  15. Machine weight: about 1720g
  16. Specifications: EU plug, US plug, JP plug
  17. Battery power supply: Not included